Tuesday, August 16, 2011

THE older single

We all have that one person we know.

They could be a good friend or someone you've never even spoken to. It's the one we all think "well at least I'm not in his situation." The one who is even older than you. Will we be happy when they get engaged? Or will we panic, because there's no one to pity anymore, except ourselves? Who do they look up to?

 Whoever is reading this take out 30 seconds of your time and say one perek of tehillim for that "older single." Hashem can be mechiyay masim. I know for some people that's exactly what needs to be done, but Hashem can do it. We need to believe, and we need to daven.

1 comment:

  1. i know EXACTLY what you are talking about. That person in my life got engaged/married very recently and actually all i felt was happiness for her. I was surprised i didn't panic or feel jealousy. I felt happy for her that after all these years etc she met and married the one for her. It almost gave me hope rather than jealousy.